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I'm drawing live at: http://www.livestream.com/thedrawinghistorian

Come and watch me doodle! :3
On the ONTD_P Steam group we're having a contest to get more members! If you are able to get 10 other ONTD_P members to join this group, the Admins will buy you a steam game of your choice under $5!

To win: Give us both the steam ID names and corresponding LJ user names for the members you get to join!
(You can do this by noting me here on LJ, either of the group mods on Steam, posting a comment on the group, or by chatting me up on Steam: beingforthebenefitofmrkite)

Due to not having a lot of money, and our current membership being only 4, we're limiting this to the first 5 winners.

I'd love to get this on a post at the actual ONTD_P but I'm scared the mods there would be pissed that we made a steam ONTD_P group without asking them first.
Are there any political issues or civil liberties you actively promote or defend (through volunteer/grassroots efforts)? What are they? Do most of your friends feel similarly?
I advocate for women's rights, including: equality rights in the workplace, reproductive rights, legal equality, and general feminist issues like pay disparity and rape culture.

I also advocate for separation of church and state, with an emphasis on the benefits of a secular society. As an Atheist working in the higher education system in Texas, it boggles my mind how whitewashed and down right wrong so many science textbooks to the point of religious indoctrination. I actually had a Biology professor teach creation in their classroom during my own education. Her class was the only opportunity students had to learn about evolution, fossil records, and anything about geological history and this woman just pissed all over it because of her religion. Who knows how many children never aspire to work in science because they were "shielded" from it by religious teachers? How many people have died because pro-life lobbyists care more about blastospheres than adults and children who would benefit from stem cell research?

It breaks my heart.

The right to health as a part of "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness". It is hard to pursue happiness when you're dying on the streets because your house was foreclosed due to medical bills.

A lot of my friends feel similarly about women's rights, but not most. Very few of my friends, outside of other educators and non-christians, feel similarly about the separation of church and state. Almost all of my friends feel the same way about the right to health.



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